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If you spend just one service here with us at Parkway,

you will quickly realize that praise and worship is an

essential part of our DNA. True worship to us has

never been about entering into His presence as a

perfect person, instead as an imperfect people who

are exalting a perfect King. 


The heart of worship at Parkway is that despite how

we feel when we enter the doors, He is worthy of the

best praise we have to offer. And as we give ourselves

in worship to Him, we usher in an atmosphere that

has the power to break chains, heal our bodies, and

lead people to a life in Christ. 


You will also find that praise and worship do not fit

into a box at Parkway. While you may see some with

hands raised or knelt before The Lord, you may see

others dancing or waving flags before The Lord.

While this may seem unconventional to some, we

believe in expressing our worship in a variety of

biblically sound ways. As a church full of people who

have been totally set free in Christ, how could we not

give Him our best! 

Our worship team could not exist without the behind the scenes help of our church media team. While they may not be the ones on the stage or leading today’s new song, they are no less a part of the spirit of worship in our house. Without them, service on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights simply could not happen. Their duties are broad and may include running sound and lights, recording service, running the screens during worship and preaching, and checking/running multiple pieces of equipment that make service possible. While they strive to serve with excellence, they serve with the sole purpose of glorifying God through their work. 


Jordan and Ellie Yaden

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