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A week or two ago during Wed. Night Adult Discipleship, we discussed the fear that many Christians have about sharing their faith. One of the things that I pointed out was that while we schedule formal outreaches from the church, the most effective way we reach people is from the natural overflow of the lives of those who are already here.

In Mt. 4:19 Jesus said, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." Our responsibility is to follow Him. Then He gave His responsibility, to "make us" fishers of men. In other words, He would turn us into something that we were not previously. You don't have to cram faith down anyone's throat. God can use you in ways that come naturally to you which those around you will receive. Live a good example, pray for open doors, and share when God opens the door.

Right now, we are planning some things as Brock Allen gives more leadership as an Outreach Pastor. We are excited about that! But more and more people are being added to our church just through the regular contact that our people have with others on their jobs and through their lives. That encourages me. Maybe more of us are following Christ more closely, and maybe He is being able to use us more.

You may think, "I could never do that. I'm too quiet. I don't know enough about the Bible." When you live the life, people will eventually become curious. When they tell you they are hurting and need answers, that is God opening the door. Let God make you into a fisherman.

-Pastors Mark & Jennifer Hisle

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