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Through this July 4 holiday, our hearts are turned toward America. Unfortunately, there is plenty of bad news about our nation right now. However, we must all be sure as people of faith to cultivate a hopeful outlook and maintain our focus upon the Lord. One of the things that can deny our future is believing a bad report.

I recently read the story of a minister who felt called during the early 90's to move his family to Russia. They arrived just after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. There was little to no international news coverage. He had been a journalism major in college, and life without the news was a huge adjustment for him. It was months before they learned about the riots in Los Angeles at the time, Hurricane Andrew, and even about much of the political upheaval in Moscow. The only thing really upsetting their family was the bad news they were hearing from friends in the United States. Meanwhile, God was tremendously blessing their ministry. It was during that time that the minister realized the impact that bad reports can have on our minds and spirits.

We used to sing a little song, "O, be careful, little ears, what you hear. There's a Father up above, and He's looking down in love. So be careful, little ears, what you hear." When Israel could have entered her Promised Land, the report of 10 unbelieving spies was evil, promoting unbelief in the ability of God. Only Caleb and Joshua had faith (Num. 13:27-33). When faith is negated, it is impossible for us to move forward.

Is there bad news in America? Yes! However, God is not finished yet. Let's believe what God can do!

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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