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Water is one of the most prominent symbols of the Holy Spirit in scripture (Jn. 7:37-39). Our challenge is to catch the wave of His movement. Waves come in groups. The largest wave in a group is the middle one. The number of waves in a group will vary, so surfers will try to figure out how many waves are present in any group. Every wave is carefully examined so that when the largest wave in the group begins to form, it can be identified. Surfers will let good waves go by because they're holding out for the best one.

When the right wave comes along, there's a sweet spot on the wave that you want to mount. If you're a few feet to the left or to the right of the sweet spot, you may as well just let that wave go past because you're not positioned properly to capture it.

In my pursuit of God, I have sometimes traveled to revival hotspots. And sometimes, I have wondered why it seemed others around me were catching the wave and being blessed, but I felt I was missing it. Sometimes, I wasn't positioned at the time to catch that one. Because of my personal spiritual season at the time, it wasn't my time for that wave. My neighbor was positioned for the wave, but I wasn't. The wave was good, strong, energized by the Holy Spirit, and designed by God to refresh and ignite the body of Christ, but it wasn't my wave. God would have another wave for me at a later time. I had to interpret my disappointment, but live with much expectation that God was going to send a great wave for which I will be positioned. I want to ride the wave!

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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