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We are all aware of the recent Supreme Court leak, signaling possible change with abortion law coming soon. I would suggest at least three areas for needed prayer in this regard.

First, the leak was made by certain powers that desire to incite so much civil unrest in the nation that it causes Justices to change their minds. It is the Devil and a spirit of anti-Christ that promotes chaos, confusion, and turmoil. We need to pray against that and intercede for truth, justice, and peace.

Secondly, we should care about the individual women impacted and pray for them. Scripture is clear that it is not just a matter of the mother's body, but of the baby's body (Ps. 139:13). But we do care about that mother. The last several years, Parkway has gone out of our way at times to put our arm around women facing tough challenges and help them feel the emotional, spiritual, and financial support they needed to do the right thing. We are pro-life, and we are pro "abundant life," helping people find the hope that is only in Jesus (Jn. 10:10).

Thirdly, what could this mean for the body of Christ? Several years ago, I heard a spiritual father of mind preach that he was believing for the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. Abortion, he said, represents the legal hold of Satan on America. When that is broken, it will release a floodtide of revival on the land. Now others are echoing those same sentiments. We pray for that!

We love you! Please pray for us!

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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