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Most of the time, I just share out of the overflow of what God is speaking to me. But occasionally, there is a need I see in the church or at least in the lives of many people, whom I love. Would you allow me to encourage you to get actively involved in ministry and to share with you one of the reasons that it matters?

In Numbers 32, Moses is concerned because 2 1/2 tribes of Israel want to settle on the east side of the Jordan, instead of crossing over. He fears that their actions may hinder the rest of the people from pressing forward into everything God has for them. He asks, "Why are you discouraging the Israelites from crossing into the land the Lord has given them?" (32:7). He wanted them to recognize that their decision would affect the rest of the nation deeply.

There is a principle here that is applicable to the church. Some who claim to follow Christ insist that their similar actions - like deciding not to serve in their churches but only to sit and soak - are not hurting anyone. But sinful choices do affect those around us. We must take care not to cause our fellow Christians discouragement. A discouraged Christian is an unfruitful Christian.

It matters that I get up and get involved. There are people to reach and promises of God to see fulfilled. I don't want my lack of engagement to hinder the church from taking the land God has promised. We are all busy. We can all feel insecure and inadequate. I have to get my priorities in order and cease my excuses. It's time to get up and get involved.

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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