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Being in God's perfect will. That's what I have prayed for most of my life. "God what do you want me to do? Just tell me and I will do it." We have all been guilty of asking God this question, but...what if He does tell you what He wants you to do. It isn't an audible voice, but an inner voice that speaks to your spirit and tells you what He wants you to do. Do you do it? Do you ignore it?

God recently told me what He wants me to do. It is way out of my wheelhouse and made me very uncomfortable to even think about doing it, but I had prayed so many times, "God use me, even if it means getting out of my comfort zone." Well, He did just that. God wants to use a willing vessel so if you are just going through the motions, barely reading your Bible, coming to church just because it is the right thing to do, then He will most likely give His tasks that require fasting and prayer to the one who reaches out to Him and desires to be the David of this day. He will slay your giants; He will help you fight that fight. He will be your shield when the arrows of Satan come at you and tries to claim your life.

So, when you pray, be specific. If you want to "be all you can be" for Jesus, then be bold and call out to God in prayer and be diligent in doing what He called you to do. As for me, I am asking for you to say a prayer for me as the task before is great and God will have to lead and direct me and be my mouthpiece. Let's all draw closer to God and lift each other up in prayer and love on one another and let's do what God has called us to do. Listen to that voice.

-Pam Smith

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