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In Mark 5:25-34 we find a very famous story that many of us have heard preached in pulpits all across America. It is a familiar story to many of us, yet it still has great significance today when we speak of faith. It is a story of a woman that had an issue. It was an issue that she had dealt with for twelve years. She wanted so desperately to be cured of this issue, but with every passing day it kept getting worse. What was she to do? She had spent all that she had trying to get better, but there was no remedy that could cure her. She was even willing to suffer through some stuff in order to get better, but she kept getting worse. What was the answer? Would she have to just accept this issue and live with it for the rest of her life?

In her desperation to find what she needs; she hears about a man named Jesus. He is no ordinary man. He is a man that speaks with authority. He is a man that heals all manners of diseases and sicknesses. If she could just get to Jesus, surely, He would have the cure she so desperately desires.

There is some faith that starts rising in her. She starts contemplating, “If I can just find a way to sneak through the crowd without them noticing me and just touch the hem of His garment without Him noticing me, I believe there is enough power in the hem of His garment to cure me of my disease.” She has now devised a plan to get to Jesus. Would it work? Sure it does. Her faith made her whole.

Jesus has all the power we need to get through anything we face!

-Pastors Tim & Katrina

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