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Have you ever considered God's favor upon your life? Maybe you've heard someone try to describe how a wonderful thing happened in their life, but the only explanation they could give was, "'s just the favor of God". The truth is, "The Favor of God" is real, and it is available to all believers; how much do you want? As Christians we know that the saving Grace of God is often defined as, "the unmerited favor of God, that gives us what we do not deserve, which is everlasting life". But, did you know that God also offers a favor that is intended for us to live in - every day? It's like a guiding, protective, rescuing, provisional blessing that follows a believer. Having God's favor doesn't mean we are not subject to life's circumstances, but it does mean even in tough times we can be confident that God's goodness is actively upon us. Now, that's a spiritual truth that just confounds worldly logic.

For example, in Exodus chapters 11 & 12, we read where God gave Israel favor in the sight of their enemies, to the point the enemy gave their treasures to Israel and sent them on their way. In Luke 1:27, 30 the Angel told Mary that God's favor was upon her life - that she didn't have to be afraid, and that God was with her. Mary carried Jesus to the world. What other explanation could Israel or Mary offer other than, "It's just the favor of God".

If you're not sure that you've ever experienced the favor of God, reflect on your life. You may see that God had His hand upon you several times. In fact, maybe there were times when the only explanation you can offer is, "It must have been the favor of God".

-Brock and Renee

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