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There is a price for spiritual renewal. No spiritual renewal takes place without there being some changes which result in tensions and even divisions.

It is evident, the church at large is in crisis and in desperate need of spiritual revitalization:

  1. We tell testimonies from past years of the Holy Spirit moving, bringing salvation, but no current ones.

  2. The baptistery is rarely used.

  3. The church claims to be Pentecostal or Charismatic, but no one has received or been seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  4. The gifts of the Spirit are neither emphasized nor in operation.

  5. Numbers (nickels and noses) and plant facilities (brick and mortar) are used as gauges of success.

  6. Upon graduation from high school or college, the young people are not only leaving the church, but are allowing their commitment to Christ to fade.

We must ask ourselves hard questions. If a genuine, spiritual, holy-fire revival came to our church, would you be willing:

  1. To allow the Holy Spirit to make major changes in your perspective on what life in Christ demands?

  2. To embrace worship patterns different from those previously utilized?

  3. To alter some of your priorities in order to find a new relationship with Christ?

  4. To accept unusual verbal and physical expressions of conviction and joy in the Lord?

  5. To integrate new people into the church family who are very different than you (ethnicity, emotional response, dress)?

It's easy to say we want revival, but it has a cost. It may look different than it did 50 years ago, but I believe it is possible to cultivate a revival spirit every Sunday. Are you willing?

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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