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It took a lot of effort on God's part to get Jonah where God wanted him to be, including some time in the whale's belly. Even when Jonah gets in the right place, he is still in a foul mood. He wants God to destroy Nineveh, but that isn't God's plan. God certainly rewards obedience, but that does not ensure that, even then, God always acts exactly the way that we want Him to. God asks Jonah not once, but twice, "Do you have good reason to be angry?" (Jon. 4:2, 9).

We are called upon to be obedient, then leave the results up to God. The fact is that God may have a goal in mind which goes beyond anything we can see at the moment. Not only did God care about the current citizens of Nineveh, but He would use this greatest of city revivals as an object lesson that He cared not just for Israel, but the whole world. We may not comprehend the big picture of God's plan until years later, maybe not until Heaven.

So why are you so angry and bitter? What did not go the way you thought it was supposed to? Jonah seemed more concerned over a withered plant he had retreated to for shade than he did over thousands of eternal souls in the city and God's plan for them. Too often, it is a reflection of the true condition of our souls that we are so disturbed by minor inconveniences, while a world languishes without God. So relax. God is on the job. You can trust Him with an outcome far beyond what you would expect. Leave the results with Him. He can be God without our help.

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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