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Do you remember the words of that great prophet, Phil Collins, "Take a look at me now"? LOL! The message of his song was, "I'm just an empty space since you left me. Take a look at me now."

The promises of God's Word give us hope for something better. When Balaam found it impossible to curse God's people and blessed them instead, he said, "It will now be said of Israel, 'See what God has done!'" (Num. 23:23). Haggai spoke over the people because of their renewed obedience, "Until now, the trees have not born fruit. From this day on, I will bless you" (Hag. 2:19). In other words, we can believe for moments of visible change in what we have come to expect as normal. It's not that we want people to see us. But we can experience breakthrough blessings of such magnitude that we boldly declare, "Take a look at me now! I am abundantly blessed! Things are different now by God's grace!"

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