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The canonization (regarding as a saint) of the entertainer is an area of conflict which the apostle Paul met head on and with which the modern church must struggle. Let me explain. The early Roman theater which greeted Paul in the major cities was lewd and cruel. Into these arenas were introduced spectacles that dragged the corporate conscience into the sewer. Men and women were brutally slaughtered, and animal cruelty was common place. On top of it all, those who were successful in these arenas were granted status associated with the great leaders and thinkers of the day.

For instance, a slave who excelled at driving a chariot in the races (think of the movie Ben Hur) was lavished with money and petted in a style fitting royalty. Likewise, those who excelled in the gladiatorial games were elevated to a place of near worship. The result of such canonization of crass and brutal individuals was the downward spiral in all forms of entertainment.

The comparisons between our day and that in which Paul lived are so similar, so easy to connect. Performers of our current time, actors - people who make vast sums of money acting like someone they in no way resemble - are granted status and importance which far excels their accomplishments. Those who are good at connecting through a camera while portraying someone they never met and citing memorized lines written by someone else are somehow deemed to be experts in every field from politics to religion! Massive men, gifted with athletic skills, are elevated to godlike status. Their opinion on everything from history to eternity is sought after, even though many of them have little or no personal knowledge of the subjects. Like the apostle Paul, we are now engaged in a battle with canonized entertainers.

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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