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People often wonder about the role of America in the end times, given the fact that the United States is not mentioned in Scripture. It is only conjecture what happens to the country. Americans are notorious for seeing ourselves as the center of the world and often as God's only concern. America is not mentioned by name in Bible prophecy. But then, neither are most other modern nations, like Canada, Japan, or Australia. If America were still a mighty force on the world scene, it seems that the country would be mentioned. Scriptural evidence is sufficient to conclude that America will not be a major power and does not figure largely in the political, economic, or religious aspects of the world. It is difficult for some to fathom that America will no longer hold a major spot on the world stage. We do not know exactly how that will come about. We do presently see America's status weakening significantly as she rots in her soul. Some have speculated that as that continues, the disappearance of many at the rapture of the church could make her vulnerable to attack from her enemies, with her crippling and sudden destruction as a super power.

The end times are not about America, but Israel will figure prominently. Whatever America's role in the end times, we do know that she was founded on a covenant relationship with God. God's desire is to honor that. We also believe for the gospel to be preached in every nation and for God's Spirit to be poured out in the last days (Mt. 24:14; Acts 2:17-21). On this July 4, we have to believe there is still a remnant and that prayer changes things. The nation was birthed in prayer and revival, and God is able to save her through prayer and revival.

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