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I have heard some say that when someone says "I will pray for you," that it is a copout to actually do nothing. But I want to encourage you that prayer is the greatest blessing that we can give to someone.

Prayer takes us out of the natural element to the supernatural. When we pray, we take things above our ability and place it in the hands of the Almighty, He that is "able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can think or imagine."

The book of James tells us the "effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." This verse gives us evidence of the power of prayer from the heart and lips of someone that is living in relationship with the Lord. That evidence is that there are results from those prayers that are astounding.

When we pray we are called upon to believe that God will answer that prayer. That is called faith and faith brings reward. Sometimes in order to grow our faith, we cooperate with the Lord by encouraging ourselves in Him. That encouragement takes place through reading the Word, rewinding (reminding ourselves of) past victories, through singing songs unto the Lord, and by listening to others share what the Lord has done for them. What He has done for others He can do for us and will.

To not pray is to lean on the arm of the flesh and to be limited to what the flesh can achieve. When I weigh this in the balances of life experience, I realize that praying is much more valuable then trusting in flesh.

David Douglas

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