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You have it in you! Have you ever found yourself thinking, "Is it possible that where I am in life is as far as I will ever go? Have I maximized my potential?"

Some of the most talented, faithful, and amazing people in the Bible didn't know they had it in them, either - not until God revealed to them the truth about their identity and abilities, often in the midst of perilous trials and challenging situations.

All of us have untapped talent, unclaimed abilities, and unknown gifts waiting to be discovered inside us. God wants us to peel away the layers we try to hide behind, dissolve the excuses we use as camouflage, and reveal the beauty of our true selves. We need to reconsider the way we see ourselves and to reframe our own understanding of how we got there.

Do you know what you're made of? More important, do you want to discover the strengths lying dormant inside you? We pray you will be inspired to view challenges as opportunities for self discovery and faith enrichment. God can give you a new perspective on all He has brought you through and a greater awareness of all that you've accomplished and endured.

Your new identity might be one you could never have imagined for yourself. We are often called to become so much more than the roles we've played thus far. We must never lose faith. Gifts evolve over a lifetime, and if you are not through living, you shouldn't be through searching for the hidden treasure in your earthen vessel (2 Cor. 4:7). Stop being who you were so you can start being who you are. You have it in you!

- Pastor Mark and Jennifer

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