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We are entering a time of rebuilding, not just for the church, but for the culture. We are even witnessing a little of that through business ventures, etc., in our church. What may God lead you to build or rebuild, a ministry, an outreach, a business, your family a charity, etc.?

Nobody knew more about rebuilding than Nehemiah. We don't usually realize the price that he may have paid to fulfill God's calling. There is every possibility that he had been made a eunuch, that he had been castrated. As the King's cupbearer, any man that close to the king normally was so that there were no worries with the harem. Relating to spiritual application, any power to produce life would come from God, not Nehemiah's efforts.

While serving the king, the king noticed Nehemiah's sad face (Neh. 2). Nehemiah wasn't trying to look sad. But he had been living with the burden of Jerusalem's decimated condition for months. His passion finally started showing to those around him. And that should be the case. The desire and vision which God burns into our hearts will just naturally become evident to others. And they will ask about it.

When the king asked him, Nehemiah was ready to immediately give an answer about the task of rebuilding in Jerusalem and the supplies that would be needed. God had given him the ear of the most powerful man on the planet at the time, and Nehemiah was ready to act when the moment came. He had been praying, fasting, and thinking about it for weeks on end.

So again I ask, what is on your heart to build or rebuild? Is God giving you a vision?

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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