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Sometimes, the Lord wants to do a work in your life that represents an unprecedented upgrade. This is something you haven't experienced before in your walk with Jesus. It could be an unexpected blessing, a new season you enter into, or a new sphere of influence you're given. It might be something you've longed for and dreamed about, but never expected to happen. Then finally, the season arrives when the Lord does it, and it amazes everyone.

God loves to bring about these unprecedented upgrades in our lives for two simple reasons. First, it blesses us, and that delights Him. Second, it brings glory to His name, drawing the lost and suffering into His healing light. For example, in 2 Chron. 1, God gave Solomon an upgrade. He came to him in a dream and told him to ask for what he wanted. Solomon requested wisdom. God granted that and far more besides!

Maybe you hear a voice in your head from time to time. It tells you, "You can't expect upgrades from God. Think of all your missteps. Your marriage isn't going to get better. It will only get worse, because you keep failing. You have so many flaws that you'll never overcome them all. How can you expect anything from God?" God wants to shift your mindset as you simply trust in His goodness. He is preparing for you a table in the presence of your enemies (Ps. 23:5). There is healing from your emotional trauma. You can process discouragement and disappointment, release your pain, and latch onto fresh vision and hope. An unprecedented upgrade can be so out of the ordinary as to be shocking. We recently got an upgraded rental vehicle on a trip for the same price. Much like your seat on an airplane, God can cause you to lead an upgraded life!

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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