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We typically think of darkness in terms of sin and evil. It is true that Satan will take advantage of any opportunity darkness affords him. However, much darkness is a result of spiritual blindness. Did you know that even the terms "prince of darkness" and "kingdom of darkness" are not really biblical. They are more from secular sources. The devil does not own even that.

Darkness is not just about sin and evil. We use an adage about being "in the dark," which refers to a lack of knowledge. Knowing God is not just head knowledge, but experiential. There is a realm of knowing God which goes beyond my intellect. The Bible says God has treasures of us in the darkness, He owns the darkness, He dwells in the darkness, and that we should draw near to Him in the darkness (Isa. 45:3, 7; 1 Kgs. 8:12; Ex. 20:21). In fact, it is His secret place (Ps. 18:11).

Being afraid of the dark is common, and my granddaughter sometimes fights sleep. But God has new dimensions of Himself for us in the darkness. That is the reason he sometimes speaks to us through dreams, visions, and spiritual gifts. Sometimes, He can only communicate more of Himself by means that transcend our rational capabilities. I can't figure Him out, but I want to know Him as fully as possible.

God put Adam to sleep to remove a rib and bless him with a wife (Gen. 2:21-22). In his sleep, Jacob had a dream of a ladder connecting Heaven and Earth (Gen. 29:11-12). God may have to get past my incredibly analytical tendencies to reveal more of Himself to me. So don't be afraid! He is God in the dark.

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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