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According to Scripture, God will speak to us in our dreams. But Satan's goal is to capture the screening room of our brain by substituting fantasies for dreams. There is only one screen, and it was designed as the place where God would show us heavenly visions. 60% of our entire brain is used for seeing. Modern marketing capitalizes on this fact. Many movie screens are tools the enemy uses to capture the screen of our brain through violence and promiscuity. Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.

90% of children ages 8-16 have viewed pornography. $10-$14 billion is spent on porn annually, the amount the government spends on foreign aid. Porn may actually shut down part of our brain. Erotic movies can quiet the part of the brain that processes visual stimuli. The enemy's tactic is to hinder God's dream downloads to the screen of our brain. Pornography is the fuel that the brain uses to fantasize. The word fantasy comes from the middle English word "fantasie", meaning mental image. The Greek is "phantasia". The capacity to have imaginative mental images is God-given. It is the material we choose as data to put on the mental imaging screen that creates the problem.

But it's not just porn. We enter fantasy worlds in which we are the superhero, the champion, with crowds cheering. And we lack God dreams. We don't dream because we fantasize. We substitute fantasy for God's dreams. There is a battle for the movie theater in our minds. Don't just fantasize. Dream God dreams. Invite the Holy Spirit to meet with you. It may take some time, but God desires to visit us in our dreams (Ps. 17:3; Isa. 45:3).

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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