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We started this year talking about 2020 vision. Is is easy to wonder now, "What in the world happened?" The earth has been assaulted. I would submit a couple of things. First, I think God has in mind a great harvest of souls, and Satan wants to hinder that. Secondly, the year is not over yet. The second half of the year, which we are entering, I am believing to be very different from the first half.

God can bring supernatural rebound. We can believe for that and declare it over the nation, the economy, our lives, and certainly for the harvest that God would give us. We usually think of "rebound" as a basketball term. Get a mental picture. If anyone can cause things to bounce back, God can.

We cannot afford to surrender to bitterness and hopelessness. We must keep our eyes on God and the promise of tomorrow with an unflinching faith. God promises double for your trouble (Isa. 61:7). Just because we passed through difficult times, it is not an indicator that the story is over. God is a God of supernatural rebound!

We can not only rebound, but take new ground. Can we believe that the warfare of the first half of the year will not even compare to the blessing of the last half? It is this generation's turn to birth a move of God that will touch the world. The repetitive assaults this year have been aimed to muzzle the Holy Spirit and His church. But we will recover with double! It has often been at dark moments of history that God has raised up the greatest moves of His Spirit. Get your eyes on the promise.

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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