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On Father's Day, we are reminded of the place of the family. It is our most important realm of ministry. Jesus told a parable in Luke 19 about a king who distributed portions of his money to his servants and instructed them to "occupy till I come." To those who were faithful to steward what they were given, increase was granted for even more.

What if we apply that to our families? Recently, people have probably been more focused on family in some ways, due to circumstances. What if God wanted to increase the mantle of anointing upon our families? We may have worked in ways largely unrecognized and under-appreciated, but God rewards it. In our family, we are entering that season of seeing son-in-laws added, grandchildren added, and one-time children mature into increased responsibilities. God is able to release ministry, Kingdom influence, impact, and anointing in ways that exceed anything we envisioned because each generation has been faithful with what they were entrusted.

God has family mantles for you. He will increase your boundaries, expand and enlarge your territories. God is the One Who sets us in our respective families. The primary O.T. paradigm was Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Spiritual authority and responsibility increased with each generation. Are you being faithful, or do you need to make adjustments? Be faithful, and believe Him over the long haul. It is time for the renewal of family mantles. Happy Father's Day!

Pastor Mark and Jennifer

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