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My prayer this November is that we observe Thanksgiving all month long. It is an acknowledgement of the abundant goodness of God. More than only a calendar date, it is unique among holidays in that it does not commemorate a historic event or honor a great person. It is an attitude. God uses the giving of thanks to cultivate specific traits in us. Through Thanksgiving:

1) I learn to recognize God's best for me. It may not always look the way I want or expect. God's

best is often a matter of the things that matter most. And gratitude helps me see it.

2) I learn to notice what's going on around me. Jennifer jokes with me over it. she notices

everything. If I don't wave back at you when driving, please don't be offended. I didn't see you.

Being grateful helps me notice the people and things I should take notice of.

3) Gratitude encourages generosity in all areas of life. Giving in a multiplicity of ways and

directions starts with giving thanks. I probably won't give in other ways if I am not even giving


4) Thanksgiving defeats materialism. Our society is consumed with getting more stuff. Every

good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17).

5) An attitude of thanks releases joy. Just as Thanksgiving starts the Christmas season, so

gratitude starts the release of joy. We are not to be childish, but we are to be childlike, which is

seen in the uninhibited expression of joy (Mt. 18:3).

Thanksgiving is voluntary, not coerced. The voluntary giving of thanks is not merely a work of the flesh, but worship in the Spirit. May we honor God with it all November long!

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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