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Jeremiah prophesied to Israel because they missed their opportunity to repent and have a fruitful future. He said, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved" (Jer. 8:20). It was the declaration of a missed harvest. If anything scares me, it is the possibility that we may miss the harvest God has for us.

There are enemies we must conquer in order to avoid missing the harvest. The first is the preoccupation with an inward focus. Most of the body of Christ is guilty of this. We get consumed with personal agenda, styles, and positions. When all we care about is what happens inside the church, the harvest on the outside gets missed.

Secondly, a maintenance mentality obstructs the harvest. Many churches live stuck in perpetual survival mode. Their primary goal is to keep the lights on. New people and new ideas are threatening. They don't disturb the status quo. The harvest rots in the field just outside the church barn.

Thirdly, lowered expectations hinder the harvest. Lots of activity does not equal spiritual productivity. Just because we have a lot going on, we cannot forget that the primary purpose of the church is the fulfillment of the Great Commission. People must be coming to Christ and becoming devoted disciples if we are to qualify as a life-giving church.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few (Mt. 9:37). Are you spiritually unemployed? Do you fear not knowing what to do? Do something! God will lead you. No tragedy is greater than missing the harvest!

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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