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In 1 Samuel 16:4-13 is the story of David who was anointed the first time by Samuel to be the next king of Israel. Many of us have taken comfort from this story, because it's a story of hope for those that have ever felt rejected. For those who were told that they would never amount to anything, this story brings hope. For those who have felt inferior to everyone around them, this story brings hope. For those who have felt like the outcast, this story brings hope. It is a story about a young shepherd boy who was tending his father's sheep on the backside of the desert and was not even included in the acknowledgment of one of Jesse's sons. While his other brothers stood in line to be anointed, David was on the backside of the desert, faithfully tending his father's sheep.

Have you ever felt rejected? Have you ever felt like no one cared about you? Have you ever felt like no one cared what could happen to you? I'm sure this was the way David felt. Yet David learned about another Father in his life that would fill any void that he had. He was a Father who he would learn to trust. He was a Father who would love him unconditionally.

God does not see or judge in the same way that humans do. People look at the outside appearance or qualifications, but God looks at the heart. He evaluates our inner disposition and character.

You are valuable to God today. He has made you uniquely and has gifted you in a special way so He can use you to build His kingdom. Though you may not feel like much in other's eyes, you are valuable to God.

-Pastors Tim and Katrina

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