• Pastor Mark Hisle

From the Pastor's Desk

As God leads the church into a new era, it is imperative that we define again basics which we have lost a handle on:

1. The Cross - We focus on it as the greatest expression of God's love. But we ignore it as the

place that God judged sin in us. We also ignore the call to take up our cross and follow Christ.

2. The Church - It is not about crowds, but commitment. It is not just the place we come to be

served. It is the place we go from to serve others. From it flows sacrifice. And it depends

deeply on the power of the Holy Spirit.

3. Preaching - Speaking is one thing; preaching is another. Teaching explains biblical principles.

But some things do not need to be taught. They need to be declared for us to hear and obey.

We need more than gifted communicators. We need preachers. Only 1 in 3 congregations in

the U.S. hear a Bible message on Sunday.

4. Worship - It is never about the outward, but the inward. People know when the life of God is

present. It is not a matter of attracting people to a better show than the church across town. It

is not enough for praise teams to depend on talent and only offer a 2 minute prayer prior to

taking the stage. Sincerity always trumps ability.

5. Love - Jesus was inclusive, reaching people from every background. But His love was not

merely affirmational, patting people on the back. It was transformational, changing the

direction of their lives.

6. Mission - Ministry must occur in the marketplace. Joseph, Daniel, and Esther served God's

purposes in place of power and influence. Is your faith impacting the world God has put you


- Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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