• Pastor Mark Hisle

From the Pastor's Desk

Here are some thoughts to consider in regard to whether we are serious in moving forward into a new era: Transactional leadership is like a business deal, a transaction. It's about the numbers put up and the impression of success. Transformational leadership is about lives being changed. The church at large has engaged in entirely too much transactional leadership and not enough tranformational leadership.

Transformational change in a church is usually a 5-7 year process. Whether it can be done depends much on the leadership/congregation relationship. We love you. We love the region. We want you to feel loved and be able to receive. The church is giving every evidence of being willing to accept the kind of ministry to an unconventional harvest that God seems to be leading us into. And we seem willing to commit to and support that, prayerfully, financially, and with sweat. God is helping us to make the needed changes and go in the direction He is leading. But understand something.

Every hurdle requires a new level of buy-in. At each stage, the church must navigate the hurdle - "I like our church, but I don't know about all this stuff we are doing." We can say we want a move of God and to reap the harvest. But we have to ask ourselves the hard questions. We have to be willing to pay the price. We are so grateful for God's blessings. Be we do have to be honest and count the cost as we move forward. It's a New Era!

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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