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I recently had lunch with a pastor-friend, who described a move of God in their church very similar to what we are experiencing and roughly in the same time frame. He described the same type of outpouring and some warfare, too. God is working in our local church, but He is doing something larger. This is a crucial time in the body of Christ for those who are paying attention and want to move with God.

If we are going to flow with God, we must depend on revelation. We have not been down this path before. This is not the protracted series of meetings that we usually think of as "revival." There may or may not be extended meetings from time to time. We are more talking about God showing up in unprecedented ways whenever we gather. And we are talking about the power and presence of God being channeled into the harvest. We are believers, and we rejoice. But this is taking it to the streets where the needs are. Are you ready for that!

I am speaking prophetically, so please receive it that way. God is blessing. Get all you can of Him. Get your own house in order. But before long God will begin to thrust us into the harvest in a way we have ever known before. It's for the one who has only a religious tradition without the overwhelming manifestation of God. It's for the addict and the hopeless who thought they were beyond help or the care of the church. There is a spiritual acceleration. In other words, God is about to put the pedal to the metal. Move into the fast lane. It will take all of us to possess the land!

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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