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"Charge" can refer to the amount you pay for something. "In charge" can refer to control and responsibility. But "charge" is also a military term. It is an imperative that means "a sudden advance to attack." We are moving forward. It is time to "Charge!"

Perhaps you find yourself suffering attack after attack. It is a fight of confusion, distraction, and disillusionment because God has marked you for breakthrough this very hour. The enemy sees this and has unleashed every distraction possible to try and prevent you from crossing over this threshold and claiming what you are fighting for. There are those on the edge of breakthrough who feel the overwhelming desire to retreat. The opposition you have been facing, the disappointments, the dis-orientation has all been an attempt to deter you from that which is within your reach.

How do I charge in the Spirit and claim what is rightfully mine? First, align yourself with the promises of God. Only God can make it happen. But we partner with Him, rest in Him, and declare His promises. Secondly, pray with passion. "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much" (James 5:16). Sometimes, in the Spirit-filled camp we have placed an over-emphasis on emotion. However, I cannot afford to be casual in prayer. The release of the answer is related to the energy with which I deliver the petition.

You may be exhausted from holding on to the promise. You are on the threshold of your breakthrough. Don't stop declaring. Don't stop partnering with what God has promised. You will see His deliverance. Charge!

-Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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