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In the Old Testament Tabernacle, there were two altars. One was the Altar of Burnt Offering. It was a place of presenting sacrifice and service to God. Further in was the Altar of Incense. It was the picture of prayer and fellowship with God. We need to visit both altars. Service and sacrifice are not substitutes for prayer. All our labors and sacrifices for God cannot take the place of communion with Him at the altar of incense.

It is a serious thing when we actually consider adding another service to our schedule. But that is what we are doing. We typically approach this kind of thing on an experimental basis, but we are doing our best to be the house of prayer that God desires. Our first, monthly Prayer Service will be Sun., Oct. 7 at 6 PM. Our goal is to see a significant number of people support it. It will be a service, not a preaching service, but a praying service. It will include worship and a variety of elements, perhaps testimony, communion, a brief devotion, prayer requests, and flowing in prayer as God leads. Those who lead in prayer will be asked not to talk, but to pray. It's the reason we are coming. It may evolve, but we envision at least 45-60 minutes.

We want to be a house of prayer. We want to be characterized by a spirit of prayer. No other ministry or activity is more important than prayer. It is actually our means of ministering to the Lord. Please make it a priority!

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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