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Mark 2:1-5 tells the story of the man whose friends broke through the roof to let him down to Jesus. Word got out that Jesus was in the house. And that is the first order of business. We must have the presence of Jesus. Word gets around when that happens. It is our first priority.

Upon news of that, his friends come carrying the paralytic to Jesus. We understand that this man was in desperate need, and for that we have compassion. But you realize that he was so much dead weight to his friends. I don't want to be dead weight to the church. I don't want to always be someone whom others have to carry. I want to help move us all forward.

His friends were dissatisfied and desperate for a breakthrough on another level. They could not get near Jesus due to the crowds. They tore the roof off. Let's believe God to be part of something that blows the roof off our old mindsets and limited thinking. God wants to grant extraordinary works of grace!

The paralytic received his miracle healing. Scripture says Jesus saw "their faith" and did it. Whose faith? All their faith together, the cripple and his friends. What if we all believed together? What could we see God do if we all believed Him to blow the roof off? God desires to do things that will require all of us having faith together for things that exceed our expectations.

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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