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We can live in a field of dreams! But we have to break through quite a few limitations in our thinking, especially if we are going to succeed on God's terms for God's purposes.

Our limitations are mostly in our minds, often in our spirits, and sometimes in our bodies. To fulfill the vision God gives us for our lives, we have to break through old ways of thinking and acting. How we turn out spiritually and physically has much to do with our minds.

Don't stop short of God's best. It doesn't seem like anything is happening, so we quit. Maybe God told you, "Keep at it week after week." But your results seem meager, and nobody seems to be getting anything out of it. Nothing seems to improve, so you slack off. Keep doing what God told you to do. And do it with intensity! Too many people give up right on the verge of breakthrough.

Perhaps the devil is attacking you with discouragement because you are getting really close to something. Get encouraged about your discouragement! God knows what He's doing. When it's time for something to happen, He'll make sure it happens, whether it's as slow as a spring thaw or as fast as a woman having a baby in the backseat of a taxicab. When it's time, it's time - time for your vision to be unlocked and for you to embrace it.

God has a plan of action for you, and it's already in action right now!

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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