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This summer we completed 5 years as Lead Pastor. God has done a lot, and good things are happening. We are grateful. In life and in God's work we want to work the long term.

During WWII the government placed posters all over Britain to help keep people's morale up. One of them said, "Keep calm and carry on." There's much to be said for that.

During the crisis of that generation in Egypt, God placed Joseph to lead them through famine. Joseph never raised the dead or did other miracles. But he fed nations and empowered his kingdom because God gave him a plan. Put back one-fifth of the grain during the good years that they could eat curing the hard years (Gen. 47:24). Keep calm and carry on.

In 1911 two men raced to the South Pole. They endured the same environment with the same equipment. Robert Scott of England pushed his team to exhaustion in good weather and stopped in bad. They all died. Roal Amundsen of Norway traveled 15-20 miles a day in good weather or bad. He won without losing a man.

Spirituality does not always have to be dramatic. Sometimes we need the Red Sea parted, the Jericho Walls falling, or Lazarus walking out, but not always. Keep calm and carry on!

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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