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As you know, we don't typically have worship service on Sun. nights. We frequently have other small meetings then for training, ministry organization, fellowship, and the like. But increasingly, it is becoming a time for evangelism - Jail Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry perhaps soon, Heart to Heart outreach, etc. Not everyone is doing this of course, but quite a few are.

In the traditional model the same crowd from that morning (only smaller) came back that night. We often tended to end up like the Dead Sea, all inflow and no outflow. That leads to stagnation. We do corporate worship on Sun. mornings and Discipleship on Wed. nights, and they matter greatly. But what if along with that God is leading us into a new paradigm? What if we came and soaked in the presence of the Lord on Sunday morning, then Sunday afternoon went out and ministered to others? Now there is a radical idea! It's a time you may have available pretty often.

What if we adopted a two plus one model - one worship service plus one Bible study plus one outreach ministry equals minimal, reasonable service? Why don't you pray about it?

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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