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The first missionary to go outside the Roman Empire to preach Jesus was Patrick, who went to the Celts in Ireland around 432 A.D. We know him as Saint Patrick. Some credit the Irish with saving Western Culture as Rome disintegrated. Celtic ministers became writers who preserved the traditions of the communities they served. They were warrior-monks who prayed and served. They came to places, looked around, started praying, then did what God told them to do.

The areas bathed in this kind of prayer became known "thin places," where the veil between Heaven and earth was so worn that it was easier for things to get through. This is the purpose of prayer and what the church is for. The church should be the place where heaven touches earth, where the laws and provision of the Kingdom are most readily available.

And this would be the reason that we are hosting the School of Prayer on Sat., March 4. The Disciples' request was, of all things, "Lord, teach us to pray." We hope you will set aside that entire day to better learn how to seek God. What if Corbin, KY and Parkway Ministries became "thin" places?

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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