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Right now on Sunday Mornings, we are focusing on the Finish Commitment, in other words, completing the Great Commission in our time. This is very much where we are as a church. Our vision is to be "A Church That Is Totally Free." It is the unique reflection of who God wants us to be. Mission doesn't change a lot and is about what God wants us to do. It is made up of worship, discipleship, community, and outreach. The first three God continues to develop as He makes us a healthy church. Healthy things grow. The last one we are moving into in an increasing way through Heart to Heart's servant evangelism and other ministries God is raising up. Most fundamentally, sharing faith with others must be a natural way of life for all of us in daily interactions with people.

December 18 will be a day of drama and music and a great opportunity to bring others with you as we celebrate the season of Christ's coming to earth. December 25 will be a more intimate time in a family, candlelight service that you can attend and still have plenty of time to get to your loved ones for Christmas activities. The end of the month you will be able to pick up a Bible reading guide for the New Year. In January we will observe a season of fasting to seek the Lord. The best is yet to come! Merry Christmas!

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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