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I have prayed more for this election than ever. In my spirit I have felt that while America is certainly deserving of judgment and it will come eventually, I am hopeful that God may bless us with a reprieve, at least for a time. I do believe that spiritual awakening is coming for those who are open to it. Not all the church will be, but a remnant will. I think that will happen regardless of the outcome of the election, though some things can definitely make it harder or easier.

Where there are clear moral issues, we take a stand. Other things may be up for debate, and we try to stay focused on the Gospel. I do not hesitate to encourage people to vote or to vote pro-life. It matters greatly that we vote our values and that our worldview is consistent with the Word of God. A number of issues, we have a fairly clear understanding of. But one thing has been much on my heart. Recently, in America the door was opened to begin to send Christians to jail for their faith. I am very concerned about that door being opened to a much greater degree. We know the end-times will be difficult. We also know God is great in mercy and responds to the cries of His people. If you have ever prayed, pray for America. Declare and decree the promise of 2 Chron. 7:14. There is hope! God wants to touch our land.

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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