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My most basic question today is this: If God does decide to move in exceptional ways, are you prepared to move with Him? God understands the demands of 21st century lifestyles, and only sin will quench the move of God. But are you ready to adjust your schedule, if need be, in order to prioritize what God is doing? I have seen God move before, at least in a measure. Many people respond, but there are those who only continue with life as usual. One woman built a room onto her house for the man of God when he came by. She kept living, but she accommodated her life to what God was doing (2 Kgs. 4:10).

It is not one moment of emotional hype that we seek. We desire the beginning of something that we can walk in, if Jesus tarries, for years to come. It will take that to change the culture. I want to be part of what God does in my day. Don't you?

Pastor Mark and Jennifer

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