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God is speaking to us about worship right now. When the church is worshipping the way God desires, everything else we desire flows from that. Before we are anything else, we are a worshipping community. And at July 4 when we celebrate freedom, we are reminded that the freedom to worship is our greatest freedom.

A week or two ago, we began a series in Wed. Night Adult Discipleship on The Reward of Worship. During that service, a message in tongues and interpretation was given. I am paraphrasing, but basically, God said to us, "You have worshipped from this place, and I am pleased with it. But I am calling you to another level of worship. And as you go to another level of worship, I will release another level of anointing and freedom."

In Rev. 1-3 the church was called to have an ear to hear what the Spirit was saying to the church at that moment. I pray for us that we will listen to what the Spirit is saying to us at this time and respond to it at a whole new level. Worship is the key that releases God's will and everything that He has for us. Will you join us in seeking the release of the Spirit of worship?

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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