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I have told you about the revival and community awakening that some friends of mine are experiencing in West Virginia. I was struck by the words of the Administrative Assistant at their church. She described how people by the dozens were coming for healing or a financial need. Then they just drop under the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and cry out, "More of You, Jesus." God is faithful to meet them on all those levels. But our needs suddenly seem so small when we encounter the real presence of God.

As of this writing, we have not yet had our Appeal to Heaven Conference. In final preparation for the Conference, Rick Curry said he is getting reports of amazing things not only from West Virginia, but Alabama and Virginia as well. Is it possible that the recent gatherings in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. broke loose what people have long been praying for? We will see.

Remember Mother's Day on May 8. It's a wonderful opportunity to bring friends and family. Jennifer Hisle will be speaking that day.

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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