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May I share where I am as we embark on a New Year? One of the indicators of God's doing a work is when He renews the way we think. Each new season requires an adjustment in our thinking to move us forward into a fresh expression of the Kingdom life and revelation. We may wait long, hoping or wondering if God will come through on His promise, especially if there is a prolonged season before seeing any fruit. We want our waiting to be a quiet trust that is patient, and that can be tough. But eventually, there is a shift. The waiting must take on the quality of being an active faith, a full expectancy. It is time to reorder our way of thinking.

Our Appeal to Heaven Conference will be January 22-23. Dutch Sheets has had a scheduling conflict, and we aren't sure that he can be here. However, Rick Curry and others will be focusing us on the Appeal to Heaven message as a basis for us to believe God in prayer for the land. Rick pastored in Corbin several years ago, and is now shaing this dream God gave him around the country. We hope you can be here.

Remember our worker and leadership meeting this month. Also, be aware of the special events for Committed (Young Adults) and MACH1 (Men's Breakfast) that you need to sign up for. There are some special events coming up in February, too. It's going to be an exciting time!

Change your thinking! Raise your expectations!

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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