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From the Pastor's Desk

We just want to remind you that on the last Sunday of this month, we will be having special services with Reva Kasey. The Wednesday before will be a day of fasting for the church. We hope that you prioritize this time and do your best to be at both the morning and evening services. God has been preparing us, and we are coming expecting.

A few months ago in May on Pentecost Sunday, a word came to the church. It was to the effect that the Spirit of the Lord will increase in places in which He is welcome. He challenged us that our response to Him should be, "Welcome, Holy Spirit." We are doing our best to be obedient to that. We pray that you are doing the same in your personal life as well. The hHoly Spirit comes to any place in which He is welcome.

The morning service begins at 10:45 AM. The evening service will start at 6:00 PM. "Welcome" means "to receive the arrival of with pleasure." We have been guilty of thinking, "Well, if God wants to come to me, He will come." But it's not true. "Welcome" is derived from two words, "will come." He will come only if He is welcome.

We love you! Please pray for us.

Pastor Mark and Jennifer

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