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We want to give you a little advance notice of an important event coming up. On the last Sunday in August, Aug. 30, Reva Kasey will be with us for Sunday Morning and Sunday Evening Services. We don't regularly have Sunday Night service, but this will be a special day of revival services. The evening will begin at 6PM.

Though Sister Reva and her husband, Denny, have been in Louisville for years, they are originally from Harlan Co. God saved her out of very deep sin. She is on Staff at Evangel World Prayer Center and pastors a satellite church for them in innercity Louisville. Reva can be a little unorthodox. You never know what she may do, and the Lord uses her mightily. God has used her significantly for Jennifer and me several times over the years. We feel that this is God's time for her to be with us.

Please pray for these special services, and be expecting. Pray for revival to begin with you. Get your hopes up! You never know what God may do. This may be the occasion to invite that person who needs Jesus that you've been working on. It may be the moment for them, for you, for your family to experience an encounter with God that forever changes all our lives.

We love you! Pray for us!

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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