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This July 4 things seem to hang a little heavy for those of us who know the Lord. In light of recent events, we grieve for our nation. Be assured that we are taking steps to do all we can to protect our church and ministry legally for whatever may come in dark days ahead. We have actually been working a bit ahead of the curve on this. But the best preparation the church can make is spiritual. There is a defining of the ranks between nominal Christians and the real deal. It is time to get very real!

In our local church, we are very grateful for what God is doing. Excitement is in the air. New people are being added. The winds of refreshing are blowing. People are growing and getting involved in ministry. Many of the problems we deal with are growth problems, and those are good problems to have. We need more workers. The best is yet to come.

But make no mistake. Revival is not preached or programmed in. It is prayed in. So what are you doing about it? Personal revival can begin with you. Are you praying for it? Are you seeking Him? Do you believe that God can and will exceed your expectations?

Celebrate true spiritual freedom today. Freedom is not the right to do whatever you want. It is the opportunity to do what is right.

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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