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Winter has looked pretty harsh the last few days. But we are only about a month out from Easter. It is good to be reminded of that in life, too. No matter how it looks right now, Easter is coming.

We are well under way in preparation for Easter. Kids World will be ministering on Palm Sunday, "Good News from the Grave." On Easter Sunday, Pastor Tim is planning a musical production, "At the Cross--Love Ran Red." It has been a number of years since the church has done something like this, and we are very excited about it. The Dance Team will be ministering on Easter as well. We hope you will begin praying now about whom the Lord would give you an open door to invite that day.

God is doing great things in people's lives, and God is doing great things in the church. There are places in which big progress has been made, and there are places that God is still working on and we need to pray for. That is the nature of life, isn't it? Things may have seemed hard and cold for a long time. But don't ever doubt. Easter is coming! And that is reason to rejoice!

We love you! Please pray for us.

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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