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A movie is being released for Valentine's Day, 50 Shades of Grey, and presented as a romance novel. I'm sorry, some things are not gray, a young lady submitting to sex with whips, chains, handcuffs, and gray neckties being one of them. This so-called "love story" reminds us that pornography and casual sex are cheap substitues for true love. The Bible teaches us that true love is not harsh, but kind. It is not rude, but thoughtful. It is not hurtful, but loving. It is not selfish, but self-sacrificing (1 Cor. 13:4-7).

It is scary the number of professing Christians and church-goers making plans to see this movie. It encourages a sexual deviance that inflicts pain, glorifies violence against women, and perverts the meaning of love. No surprise here: we are told that it is ok to be a sex slave as long as your boyfriend is rich and handsome. We live in a society that rises in anger over oil spills in the ocean, but celebrates the dumping of this kind of garbage into mainstream culture.

There are some movies that you don't want to be watching when the Lord returns. This is one of them. I know personal convictions can vary. But with this and other movies, we are called to be people of discernment who do no blindly swallow everything society offers. Some things are not worth my anointing or basic Christian character. There are better ways to observe Valentine's Day.

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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