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It couldn't have been easy when Joseph found out that his fiance was pregnant by someone else (Mt. 1:18-25). Of course, we know that God was working a miracle. But every appearance was that Mary had been unfaithful to him.

I am struck by the grace that Joseph extended to her. The Bible says he was going to put her away privately. If he had strictly adhered to Old Testament law, there would have been a very public divorce and stoning (Deut. 22:23-24). But Joseph wasn't that kind of man. What must his friends and family have thought of him? In matters of life big and small, I am not always inclined to cut people that kind of slack. Sometimes, I'm ready to stone somebody.

The scripture goes on to say that he had no sexual relationship with her until after Jesus was born. He was a man ready to marry, yet he delayed the better part of another year. In our culture which demands instant sexual gratification as a right, that is hard for today's mind to comprehend. What a man Joseph was! He knew life wasn't just about him.

So I ask, can I extend that kind of grace, that measure of consideration and kindness to others? Can you?

Pastors Mark and Jennifer

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