• Pastor Mark Hisle

The Seeker and Lord of the Rings

The last couple of times that I have preached (The Seeker and Lord of the Rings), it has been about hungering for intimacy with God. I point that out because if it is not called to our attention, sometimes we may miss it. God is probably trying to tell us something. I pray that you allow Him to cultivate that desire. Nothing matters more. Let me share an excerpt from Dutch Sheets with you:

I have found that priorities are heart related. What means most to me is what I'll most likely prioritize. If we find ourselves uninterested in the pleasure of God's company, the place to start is with repentance. We should ask God to forgive us of indifference toward Him, and to awaken passion in us. Then begin spending quality time with Him. As we do, hunger for His presence will increase and we will look forward to those times.

I pray that in our church and in your life, you will develop an appetite for the presence of God and intimacy with Him in a way that you have never known before. It is the sweetest thing that I could wish for you. "Come close to Him, and He will come close to you" (James 4:8).

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